About Us

As one of the three origins of the Jiaotong University, BJTU grew out of Beijing Railway Management Institute,China’s first higher educational institution which was committed to fostering railway management talents and initiated modern China’s education in railway management and telecommunication.

School of Traffic and Transportation has the same age with BJTU, and it is the birthplace of Chinese modern transportation education. It has 7 departments which are

Department of Transportation Management Engineering

Department of Traffic Engineering

Department of Traffic Information and Management Engineering

Department of Urban Rail Traffic,

Department of Logistics Engineering

Institute of System Engineering and Control

Institute of System Science.

In order to enhance the academic strength and highlight the cooperation advantage of “Industry-University-Research”, School of Traffic and Transportation sets up the following laboratories and research centers:

Integrated Transportation  Research Center

Laboratory of Railway Transportation for Dangerous Goods

National Teaching Demonstration Center for Transportation

MOE Key Laboratory for Urban Transportation Complex Systems Theory and Technology

National Virtual Simulation  Experiment Center of Traffic and Transportation

Beijing Urban Traffic Information Intelligent Sensing and Service Engineering Technology  Research Center

School of Traffic and Transportation also participates in the construction of the State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic control and Safety. In addition, it also has a number of off-campus practice bases.

School of Traffic and Transportation now has more than 170 staff members, including 45 professors and 68 associate professors, and owns the high-level teaching and research team composed by the Yangtze river scholars Distinguished Professor and Chair Professors. Now the school has more than 1500 full-time undergraduate students, about 800 full-time graduate students and 350 Ph.D. students.

"Blending the world, Mastery of ancient and modern", School of Traffic and Transportation aims to develop world-class disciplines, educate the outstanding innovative talents in Traffic and Transportation, shape an important source of industry technological innovation, support national economic and social development and inherit the China’s national harmonious culture. It strives to become one of worldwide high-level research schools with the characteristic of traffic and transportation.